My experience of battle with Corona and Coronavirus

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My experience of battle with Corona and Coronavirus

Many years ago, I had come to visit Dehradun with my family. There was a huge hoarding hangout on a road called ‘Kailash Hospital’. If you looked carefully, ‘Lash hospital’ was being read more by hanging hoarding. ‘Lash’ in english means ‘Corpse’ and I used to laugh a lot in my mind then.

These days, I am living in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, where I have my own house. There, a few days ago, I got Corona, and my lungs and other organs were caught by the disease. Due to not getting any beds in Delhi NCR, I was brought by ambulance to the same Kailash Hospital in Dehradun.

After leaving Bhiwadi, my younger brother had given me the hope of my survival throughout the way to Hospital. He felt that I should have courage…. And just a little bit, moment by moment, I kept gathering courage. With the help of an oxygen cylinder, my younger brother brought me here at Kailash Hospital, Dehradun. I will write the stories of the hardships he faced in filling oxygen cylinders in Delhi NCR and the arbitrariness of the hospitals some other day.

After traveling for about 4 hours, we reached in Dehradun. I was holding my brother’s hand in the journey of about two hundred and fifty kilometers all the way. After reaching Dehradun, he came inside the hospital and stayed with me.

I was worried that now I have to be alone in the hospital, what will happen?! But Kailash Hospital has set an example, their care and support helping the patient to fight the disease even by living alone in the hospital. I really do not have any appropriate praise words for them. The natural environment here, the nursing staff of Kailash Hospital, the doctors, the sweepers, all cooperated in saving my breath. Here, everyone just takes care of you, gives you the inspiration and courage to live. Perhaps that is why Dehradun is called as Devbhoomi in the Uttarakhand state, where people sacrifice their lives for others. Although my fight is still long, this is my attempt to remove the flimsy veil from the anger and negativity spread all around in the country.

Please respect hospital staff. They are our saviours, especially considering the fact that just after graduating from the medical school, they are directly coming to serve us in the hospital during this Covid crisis. They all need our support and encouragement!

In the next blogpost, I will also share some facts about those doctors who are serving people in remote areas of the country. My focus is to share my experience and bring forward the good governance of the Government and the service spirit of the Corona Warriors.

May our prayers reach all of those in need who are fighting the war against Corona every moment. All of you, be aware and take all measures to prevent Corona. Please do not be careless and stay healthy!

For those interested, I have also written this article in Hindi language at the following link: My Hindi Article – कोरोना से जंग का मेरा अनुभव और कोरोना वारियर्स

We can win this fight against CoronaVirus!

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